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Assam Teer Club Chart

What Is Club Chart? And Why Its So Important To Us ?? In This Post We Find This Topic About Guwahati Teer Club Chart And About Assam Teer Club Chart. Club Chart You must have In Club Chart You Find What Club Archery Game Today

Khanapara Teer Club Name List

    • Killing
    • Burnihat
    • 9 Miles
    • GMT
    • ABC
    • 6 Club
    • Themmarwet
    • Khanapara
    • Kp
    • 12 Miles
    • Umling
    • Jorabat


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Khanapara Teer Club Chart February 2023

15-February-2023 UMLING K.P
14-February-2023 MARWET 6 CLUB
13-February-2023 BURNIHAT G.M.T
11-February-2023 9 MILES 10 MILES
10-February-2023 K.P A.B.C
09-February-2023 UMLING 10 MILES
08-February-2023 MARWET 9 MILES
07-February-2023 G.M.T G.M.T
06-February-2023 6 CLUB K.P
04-February-2023 BURNIHAT 10 MILES
03-February-2023 K.P 9 MILES
02-February-2023 A.B.C BURNIHAT
01-February-2023 UMLING KHANAPARA

Khanapara Teer Club Chart January 2023

31-January-2023 KILLING 9 MILES
30-January-2023 6 CLUB 9 MILES
28-January-2023 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
27-January-2023 A.B.C A.B.C
25-January-2023 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
24-January-2023 6 MILES UMLING
23-January-2023 BURNIHAT A.B.C
21-January-2023 K.P 9 MILES
20-January-2023 9 CLUB A.B.C
19-January-2023 6 MILES 9 MILES
18-January-2023 K.P A.B.C
17-January-2023 9 MILES BURNIHAT
16-January-2023 KILLING K.P
14-January-2023 9 MILES UMLING
13-January-2023 K.P G.M.T
12-January-2023 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
11-January-2023 UMLING JORABAT
09-January-2023 9 MILES 10 MILES
07-January-2023 K.P KILLING
06-January-2023 G.M.T A.B.C
05-January-2023 BURNIHAT UMLING
04-January-2023 6 CLUB A.B.C
02-January-2023 6 CLUB 6 CLUB

Khanapara Teer Club Chart December 2022

31-December-2022 9 MILES UMLING
30-December-2022 9 MILES K.P
29-December-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
28-December-2022 JORABAT KHANAPARA
27-December-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
26-December-2022 BHUTAN 9 MILES
24-December-2022 6 MILES 10 MILES
23-December-2022 6 CLUB A.B.C
22-December-2022 G.M.T G.M.T
21-December-2022 A.B.C 6 CLUB
20-December-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
19-December-2022 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
17-December-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
16-December-2022 UMLING JORABAT
15-December-2022 MARWET 9 MILES
14-December-2022 6 CLUB K.P
13-December-2022 BURNIHAT 10 MILES
12-December-2022 K.P 9 MILES
10-December-2022 A.B.C BURNIHAT
09-December-2022 UMLING KHANAPARA
08-December-2022 G.M.T G.M.T
07-December-2022 BURNIHAT 9 MILES
06-December-2022 9 MILES UMLING
05-December-2022 K.P G.M.T
03-December-2022 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
02-December-2022 UMLING JORABAT
01-December-2022 KILLING KHANAPARA

Khanapara Teer Club Chart November 2022

30-November-2022 9 MILES K.P
29-November-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
28-November-2022 JORABAT KHANAPARA
26-November-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
25-November-2022 BURNIHAT 9 MILES
24-November-2022 9 MILES 10 MILES
23-November-2022 6 CLUB A.B.C
22-November-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
21-November-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
19-November-2022 9 MILES UMLING
18-November-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
17-November-2022 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
16-November-2022 BURNIHAT 5 MILES
15-November-2022 KILLING K.P
14-November-2022 9 MILES UMLING
12-November-2022 9 MILES UMLING
11-November-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
10-November-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
09-November-2022 K.P 9 MILES
08-November-2022 9 MILES UMLING
07-November-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
05-November-2022 K.P 9 MILES
04-November-2022 6 CLUB A.B.C
03-November-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
02-November-2022 K.P A.B.C
01-November-2022 9 MILES BURNIHAT

Khanapara Teer Club Chart October 2022

31-October-2022 MARWET 9 MILES
29-October-2022 6 CLUB K.P
28-October-2022 BURNIHAT 10 MILES
27-October-2022 K.P 9 MILES
26-October-2022 A.B.C BURNIHAT
25-October-2022 UMLING KHANAPARA
24-October-2022 G.M.T G.M.T
22-October-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
21-October-2022 JORABAT 6 CLUB
20-October-2022 9 MILES 6 CLUB
19-October-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
18-October-2022 K.P JORABAT
17-October-2022 A.B.C 6 CLUB
15-October-2022 G.M.T G.M.T
14-October-2022 A.B.C 6 CLUB
13-October-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
12-October-2022 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
11-October-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
10-October-2022 UMLING JORABAT
08-October-2022 K.P 9 MILES
07-October-2022 A.B.C BURNIHAT
06-October-2022 BURNIHAT 6 MILES
05-October-2022 KILLING K.P
04-October-2022 BURNIHAT 10 MILES
03-October-2022 JORABAT 6 CLUB
01-October-2022 KILLING 9 MILES

Khanapara Teer Club Chart September 2022

30-September-2022 BURNIHAT 9 MILES
29-September-2022 9 MILES UMLING
28-September-2022 K.P G.M.T
27-September-2022 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
26-September-2022 UMLING JORABAT
24-September-2022 KILLING KHANAPARA
23-September-2022 9 MILES 10 MILES
22-September-2022 K.P KILLING
21-September-2022 G.M.T A.B.C
20-September-2022 BURNIHAT UMLING
19-September-2022 6 CLUB A.B.C
17-September-2022 KILLING THEMMARWET
16-September-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
15-September-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
14-September-2022 6 CLUB 9 MILES
13-September-2022 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
12-September-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
10-September-2022 UMLING JORABAT
09-September-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
08-September-2022 9 MILES UMLING
07-September-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
06-September-2022 K.P 9 MILES
05-September-2022 6 CLUB A.B.C
03-September-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
02-September-2022 K.P A.B.C
01-September-2022 9 MILES BURNIHAT

Khanapara Teer Club Chart August 2022

31-August-2022 9 MILES K.P
30-August-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
27-August-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
26-August-2022 BURNIHAT 9 MILES
25-August-2022 9 MILES 10 MILES
24-August-2022 6 CLUB A.B.C
23-August-2022 9 MILES UMLING
22-August-2022 BURNIHAT UMLING
20-August-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
18-August-2022 6 MILES JORABAT
16-August-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
13-August-2022 9 MILES UMLING
12-August-2022 9 MILES UMLING
11-August-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
10-August-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
09-August-2022 K.P 9 MILES
08-August-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
06-August-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
05-August-2022 K.P 9 MILES
04-August-2022 9 MILES A.B.C
03-August-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
02-August-2022 K.P A.B.C
01-August-2022 9 MILES BURNIHAT

Khanapara Teer Club Chart July 2022

30-July-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
29-July-2022 BURNIHAT 6 MILES
28-July-2022 A.B.C 9 MILES
27-July-2022 9 MILES BURNIHAT
26-July-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
25-July-2022 THEMMARWET K.P
23-July-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
22-July-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
21-July-2022 9 MILES UMLING
20-July-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
18-July-2022 BURNIHAT 5 MILES
16-July-2022 KILLING K.P
15-July-2022 MARWET A.B.C
14-July-2022 G.M.T 10 MILES
13-July-2022 9 MILES JORABAT
11-July-2022 G.M.T A.B.C
09-July-2022 9 MILES 10 MILES
08-July-2022 G.M.T G.M.T
07-July-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
06-July-2022 JORABAT 6 CLUB
05-July-2022 9 MILES BURNIHAT
04-July-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
02-July-2022 K.P JORABAT
01-July-2022 A.B.C 6 CLUB

Khanapara Teer Club Chart June 2022

30-June-2022 6 MILES UMLING
29-June-2022 K.P KILLING
28-June-2022 KILLING 6 MILES
27-June-2022 9 MILES A.B.C
25-June-2022 BURNIHAT 9 MILES
24-June-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
22-June-2022 9 MILES UMLING
21-June-2022 9 MILES UMLING
20-June-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
18-June-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
17-June-2022 K.P 9 MILES
16-June-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
15-June-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
14-June-2022 6 CLUB 9 MILES
11-June-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
09-June-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
08-June-2022 9 MILES UMLING
07-June-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
06-June-2022 K.P 9 MILES
04-June-2022 6 CLUB A.B.C
03-June-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
02-June-2022 K.P A.B.C
01-June-2022 9 MILES BURNIHAT

Khanapara Teer Club Chart May 2022

31-May-2022 10 MILES G.M.T
30-May-2022 A.B.C 6 CLUB
28-May-2022 BURNIHAT 10 MILES
27-May-2022 G.M.T G.M.T
26-May-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
25-May-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
21-May-2022 A.B.C BURNIHAT
20-May-2022 UMLING K.P
19-May-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
17-May-2022 BURNIHAT 6 MILES
16-May-2022 KILLING K.P
14-May-2022 A.B.C 6 CLUB
13-May-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
11-May-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
09-May-2022 K.P 9 MILES
07-May-2022 A.B.C BURNIHAT
06-May-2022 BURNIHAT 6 MILES
05-May-2022 KILLING K.P
04-May-2022 BURNIHAT 10 MILES
03-May-2022 JORABAT 6 CLUB
02-May-2022 KILLING 9 MILES

Khanapara Teer Club Chart April 2022

30-April-2022 UMLING K.P
29-April-2022 MARWET 6 CLUB
28-April-2022 BURNIHAT G.M.T
27-April-2022 9 MILES 10 MILES
26-April-2022 K.P A.B.C
25-April-2022 UMLING 10 MILES
23-April-2022 MARWET 9 MILES
22-April-2022 G.M.T G.M.T
21-April-2022 6 CLUB K.P
20-April-2022 BURNIHAT 10 MILES
19-April-2022 K.P 9 MILES
18-April-2022 A.B.C BURNIHAT
15-April-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
14-April-2022 G.M.T 10 MILES
13-April-2022 9 MILES JORABAT
11-April-2022 G.M.T A.B.C
09-April-2022 9 MILES 10 MILES
08-April-2022 G.M.T G.M.T
07-April-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
06-April-2022 JORABAT 6 CLUB
05-April-2022 9 MILES BURNIHAT
04-April-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
02-April-2022 K.P JORABAT
01-April-2022 A.B.C 6 CLUB

Khanapara Teer Club Chart March 2022

31-March-2022 9 MILES K.P
30-March-2022 BURNIHAT 9 MILES
29-March-2022 9 MILES UMLING
28-March-2022 K.P G.M.T
26-March-2022 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
25-March-2022 UMLING JORABAT
23-March-2022 9 MILES 10 MILES
22-March-2022 K.P KILLING
21-March-2022 G.M.T A.B.C
18-March-2022 6 CLUB A.B.C
16-March-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
15-March-2022 JORABAT 6 CLUB
14-March-2022 BURNIHAT 12 MILES
12-March-2022 A.B.C 6 CLUB
10-March-2022 UMLING JORABAT
09-March-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
08-March-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
07-March-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
05-March-2022 KILLING 9 MILES
04-March-2022 THEMMARWET 9 MILES
03-March-2022 BURNIHAT 5 MILES
02-March-2022 KILLING K.P
01-March-2022 9 MILES UMLING

Khanapara Teer February 2022 Target Chart

28-February-2022 6 MILES UMLING
26-February-2022 KILLING 6 MILES
25-February-2022 9 MILES A.B.C
24-February-2022 BURNIHAT 6 MILES
23-February-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
22-February-2022 UMLING JORABAT
21-February-2022 9 MILES UMLING
19-February-2022 9 MILES UMLING
18-February-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
17-February-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
16-February-2022 K.P 9 MILES
15-February-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
14-February-2022 6 CLUB 9 MILES
12-February-2022 A.B.C A.B.C
11-February-2022 UMLING JORABAT
10-February-2022 6 CLUB 6 CLUB
09-February-2022 K.P UMLING
08-February-2022 9 MILES UMLING
07-February-2022 BURNIHAT A.B.C
05-February-2022 K.P 9 MILES
04-February-2022 9 CLUB A.B.C
03-February-2022 6 MILES 9 MILES
02-February-2022 K.P A.B.C
 01-February-2022 9 MILES BURNIHAT

Khanapara Teer January 2022 Target Chart

Date F/R S/R
 31-January-2021 K.P 9 MILES
 29-January-2021 BURNIHAT G.M.T
 28-January-2021 MARWET G.M.T
 27-January-2021 12 MILES 9 MILES
 25-January-2021 10 MILES 9 MILES
 24-January-2021 A.B.C A.B.C
 22-January-2021 KILLING G.M.T
 21-January-2021 K.P KILLING
 20-January-2021 JORABAT KILLING
 19-January-2021 UMLING 9 MILES
 18-January-2021 G.M.T G.M.T
 17-January-2021 G.M.T K.P

Kp Teer